Friday, May 6, 2011

Meningococcle Meningitis (This Is the Title Because It Is Fun To Say)

Well, vaccinations are over. I guess this means our parents are actually letting us go. R had most of her vaccines a couple weeks ago, but I had to get all of mine yesterday. This consisted of typhoid, hepatitis A, meningococcle meningitis, tetanus, and whooping cough. Needless to say I feel like a shish kabob.
Meningococcle meningitis, is equally as lethal as it is fun to say, but it did not hurt as much as the tetanus/ whooping cough vaccine. None of them were painful, but they did sting a bit. The hepatitis A reminded me of stinging nettle, a plant I am relatively sure is out to get me. Typhoid, which I had heard was one of the worst you can get, just left a pretty good bruise and has had almost no side effects. Maybe it is because I am young, maybe it is because I am healthy, but its seems like I got off pretty easy.
- K