Monday, May 16, 2011

Shopping 101

We finally did it!!! After one long day in Bakersfield, another even longer day in Lancaster/Palmdale, and a few other small trips here and there we have officially completed the major shopping for our trip! The major items include clothing, sunscreen, bug spray, different medicines incase we get sick, bed rolls....the list could go on but I will spare you.

When we set out on our expedition, I had no idea how difficult it would be to find some of the items on our clothing list. Since we are going to a very conservative area we have a dress code. It has been majorly stressed that cute is not important. The dress code for the girls is: pants or capris (you may wear shorts but they must come below the knee) and loose fitting shirts that come to the mid forearm and the mid rear. Let me tell you, it isn't very easy to find t-shirts that meet those requirements. In the end we went to one of my mom and my favorite stores, Joann, and found some very colorful ones in the craft section.

K and I agree that one of the best stops we made was to the Army Surplus store. I definitely felt very out of place when I walked in in the cute girly outfit I was wearing. The best part, however, was when the clerk asked if he could help us find anything, and he was given the reply that we (to small girls in a very manly army store) were looking for bedrolls to use during our 10 week stay in Indonesia. It was great!

Although we had tons of fun scouting out the thrift stores in Lancaster/Palmdale, searching Costco for items on our list, and sniffing all the soaps in TJ Max, we are happy to be done!